“In 2009, we had an idea which involved taking something that did not belong to us. We were in no misconception that the owners of what we wanted will let go easily but we tried all the same. As we tried resiliently to take the thing away, they held on tenaciously. We got just a little at our first try.

Five years down the line,the beautiful thing about that idea is that ,today lawyers who owned the time we wanted in 2009 look forward to giving it to us freely every year without us struggling to get it.That is why today, Lawyers Table Tennis Open and indeed Lawyers games is the biggest sporting event among Lawyers in Nigeria.”

Anthony Atata- Founder, Lawyers Games


Lawyers games metamorphosed from Lawyers Table Tennis Open(MFON USORO CUP) which began in 2009.Every year,it draws out Lawyers from the courtroom,corporate Law offices,Legal departments of Bluechip and"Redchip" companies,Lawyers from Government parastatals and departments etc to compete in the biggest sporting event among lawyers.We choose to call it a social gathering because of the networking and fun oppurtunities it has provided over the years.Lawyers Table Tennis open named after one of Nigeria’s well known commercial Lawyers Mfon Usoro is the oldest event in Lawyers games.

Prizes ranging from law books,sports equipment,medals,trophies,cash prizes and return tickets to international conferences have been given out.

The events of Lawyers games hold at different times in a year. It attracts huge followership in participation and viewing from both within and outside the legal community. The event receives wide media coverage and good will.

It has attracted sponsorship and partnership from high profile companies, individuals and organisations.

The Nigerian Bar Association and International Federation of Wowen Lawyers have been represented in the event over the years through such people like Taiwo O Taiwo,Alex Muoka,A Adegbite,Martin Ogunleye,Marian Jones etc

The cycling Tour is organised in Partnership with the Native Chiefs Cycling Club.All the events are opened to lawyers alone except the Chess open which is open to both Lawyers and Non Lawyers in the corporate world.It will be restricted to Lawyers after 2015. Plans are in the offing by the organisers to make it an International sporting event for lawyers starting with chess and Tennis.It will be a global event sooner than you think.


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